Six (6) Foie Gras, Grade A


LaBelle Farm's Fresh Duck Foie Gras A 1.4-1.6 lb. avg.   


Six A's, Your choice of size and if you want them fresh.


Foie Gras at it's best! Ultra rich in flavor. Large, firm, beautiful lobes that renders very little fat when sauteed. 

Shelf Life: 7 days in the Cooler

12 Months in the Freezer

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Foie Gras A - 6 Lobes *

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John S Artandi 12th Oct 2017

Grade A foie grad 6 pieces

Each pieces are about 1.55 -1.56 lbs. They are perfect large compact pieces. We have not cooked yet . But anyone who knows this food is the greatest delicacy. The food of the kings. And the

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