Rendered Duck Fat 1 Gallon

Rendered Duck Fat 1 Gallon


1 Gallon Tub
Low in saturated fat. Use to make confit. Also gives great flavor to cooking potatoes, meats, eggs, and fish. Fry your french fries in it, you won't believe the great flavor!

Duck fat is a lot healthier than other cooking fat products.  It is a great alternative to using butter.

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Kari 18th Dec 2015

Above and Beyond

The product is exactly as advertised and the customer service superb! Bob was very patient helping get my package re-routed and delivered. I couldn't ask for better support or overall shopping experience.

wbjr 20th Nov 2014

Best value for rendered duck fat on the market

I live in a big city and there are plenty of places to buy duck fat here (read:gourmet food stores). But when you are cooking large quantities of duck (or turkey) confit for Thanksgiving (google brined turkey breast with confit legs...btw, I confit all the turkey parts and skip the brined breast) , it can get fairly pricey. Bella Bella's rendered duck fat is indistinguishable from the 'gourmet' brands and lasts, refrigerated, for months. It's also great for roasted potatoes. I ordered it Monday morning and got it, I think, Tuesday evening. Amazing. Even with shipping costs it is a deal.

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