Natural Foie Gras Terrine (6.5 oz)


Our Foie Gras Terrine is made with 100% pure Foie Gras.

We slowly cook it with Sauternes wine, and Cognac.

Excellent served with crusty bread as a first course.

Can also be used in recipes calling for pate of Foie Gras (Beef Wellington).


Size: 7 oz. 

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5 Reviews

Deborah Provost 14th Jun 2017

Fore gras terrine

Just delicious! I love the delicate texture and the flavor is amazing!

Joe Lowery 26th Dec 2016

Best ever

I've tasted many, many foie gras products of all shapes and sizes in both the US and thoroughout France This one with the Sauternes is one of the best, best ever.

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