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Magret Duck Combo, 4 Lobes of Duck Breast & 6 Duck Legs

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8.00 LBS
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Magret Duck Combo, 4 Lobes of Duck Breast & 6 Duck Legs

We ship out products Monday - Thursday, Overnight UPS, with Shipper Release.  If we receive your payment before 3:30 pm EST time.  We will ship it out the same day.
If you place an order on Thursday evening - Sunday, we will ship it the following Monday for Tuesday delivery.

We are closed on Holiday's, we do not send shipments the day before Holiday's.

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Our La Belle Farm's Moulard Duck Legs and Thighs are large and meaty – perfect for braising, roasting, and confit.

Moulard Duck Legs and Thighs, 6-piece Package. Approximately 4.5 lbs.


Our La Belle Farm's Magret Duck Breasts are large and meaty – perfect for pan roasting, sauteing, or grilling.

We recommend you to cook it rare to medium-rare.

Magret Duck Breasts, 2 - 2 Per Package, 4 Lobes of Duck Breast. Approximately 3.5 lbs.


Shipped the products fresh overnight through UPS, shipper release.

 They are transported in a insulated foam box, with gel packs, to keep the products fresh.


Product of U.S.A.

We sell throughout the United States.