Foie Gras Gourmet Gift Box


Included in the Gourmet Gift Box:

1 Lobe Foie Gras Grade A (1.5 LB avg), 

1 Double Lobe Magret Duck Breast (1.8 lb avg),

6 pcs Duck Moulard Leg & Thigh (4.5 lb avg),

2 Quarts of Rendered Duck Fat,

1 250ml Tondo Balsamic Creme and

Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt from Britney).

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2 Reviews

Derek Hailey 14th Aug 2015

Excellent variety and wonderful quality

I'm a foie gras fanatic and this is without a doubt the highest quality foie I've ever eaten! Outstanding! We're trying the duck tonight and am looking forward to it! The rendered duck fat is excellent for cooking! Try some fried potatoes using this fat! Way better than vegetable oil!

Robert Galbraith 18th Sep 2014

My Order Arrived Yesterday !!!!!!

My order from Bella Bella Gourmet Foods arrived yesterday. The package was beautifully packed in ice packets inside a styrofoam chest with very little melting to the ice packets. In other words, it was very well insulated, packed and marked as "Perishable" to insure swift reception and refrigeration. The items were large and sterile packed in durable plastic shrink wrap. To say the least I was very very pleased and satisfied with a first rate order from a fabulous seller. I will be splitting the order over dinner with my son and his girlfriend within the next few days. Duck Papardelle one day and Duck breast dinner with Fois Gras on Sunday. Yum, I can't wait. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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