European Chicken, Black Feather Chicken


European Black Feathered Chicken - 4 lb. avg.

Rich, intense flavor raised with time honored tradition.

Sold Buddhist Style, Head/FeetOn

Comes Frozen.

Please note: Frozen items may thaw in transit.


Black/ Red Feather Chickens are a slow growing breed which caters to traditional European and Asian tastes. The farms raise this breed in order to fulfill the new immigrants' demand for a chicken that remind them of the old country. The breast is shallow, but the legs and thighs are meaty. Preferred by dark meat lovers.

The chickens are free roaming, slow grown, and raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Our chickens grown in our sister farm in New York State. We raise them in an in-closed arena because of diseases that birds outside the buildings may carry can be passed to our chicken.  We keep our chickens indoors to keep them healthy and disease free.

We feed them a healthy diet of only corn and soy beans.  The corn is grown on our own sister farm, and we have a close relationship with our feed company, (Cochecton Mills).

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William Murtagh 30th Oct 2015

iIt's smiling at me!

I'll start by saying it was delicious. However when I opened the package I was transported into The Chrustmas Story when they have their dinner at the Chinese restaurant . First time for me cutting off the head and feet. Got over it quickly though.

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