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Duck Moullard Combo Basket, Raw

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40.00 LBS
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Duck Moullard Combo Basket, Raw

This combo has all of our raw duck products in it!

Sample each part of the duck we sell!  With 2 Quarts of Rendered Duck Fat to use to cook the duck parts, if you want.


This combo includes:

1 Lb of Duck Gizzards (Frozen)

1 Lb of Duck Hearts (Frozen)

1 Lb of Duck Testicles (Frozen)

5 Lb of Duck Wings (Fresh)

5 Lb of Duck Necks (Fresh)

1 Lobe of Foie Gras A, 1.4 - 1.6 Lbs (Fresh)

2 Lobes of Duck Breast (Fresh)

6 Leg and Thigh of Duck (Fresh)

2 Quarts of Duck Fat (Frozen)

1 Fleur De Sal