Duck Meat, Boneless & Skinless


Great for making burgers!  Just grind the meat up, spice it and cook it like any other burger!


Comes in a mix of duck breast and duck leg & thigh meat.


We have 5 lb. and 20 lb bags available


Comes frozen.
May Defrost in transit.

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Duck Meat *

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Ric Kiesel 11th Apr 2019

Pure duck meat no fat no skin no bones... great product

Love having the easy of this product to serve. I saute off the duck meat wrap it in a spring roll wrapper with a dab of Hoisin Sauce and a green onion and dinner is served or great for appetizers. So easy and convenient to use. I like to keep the meat in the freezer in small packages for for lunch or dinner.. No need to cook an entire duck.

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