Apple & Hickorywood Smoked Duck Breast


Our Magret Duck Breasts and slowly smoked with New England Applewood and Hickory to produce a truly distinctive taste. Enjoy it warm or cold.


2 - 1/PK Smoked Duck Breast Lobes 20 oz Avg

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Smoked Duck Breast *

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James Ellswoth 11th Jun 2017

Finest Apple/Hickory Smoked Duck Breast

This is a wonderful product. The meat is top grade and tender. The product is fully cooked but needs refrigeration. The apple wood smoke moderated the hickory, which tastes like real wood was used for the smoke. (I've done this myself over the years.) Because of the generous layer of duck fat under the skin, you will want something crispy to serve with this product. You could trim away the fat...but that is part of the 'glory' of duck products. I would use this as an appetizer, as part of the 'garni' for choucroute or as part of a sauce for pasta. Just don't over-cook this item or steam it since that kills the smokey quality that makes this outstanding.

Jenna Stralka 27th Dec 2016

So delicious!

This duck breast is amazing. Its so flavorful and juicy. Perfect for a holiday plate! Everyone enjoyed and asked where I got it from! Would definitely buy again

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