Alina Duck

Our Alina Duck is a special French breed that naturally grows slower than commercially raised ducks. 

This ultra-rich Duck grows to market weight in approximately 8 ½ weeks (about 2 ½ weeks longer than commercially raised ducks). With extra growing time the Alina achieves a succulent squab-like flavor not found in other ducks.  It is similar in flavor to a Muscovy Duck. 

Our air chilling procedure ensures you receive 100% Duck, no water added during chilling, and a longer shelf life than water-chilled Ducks.  Federal Law allows water absorption of up to 10% of carcass weight, so if it’s not air-chilled you could be buying up to 10% water.

Our Birds have a skin that crisps golden brown every time.




This is the duck that Next Restaurant in Chicago chose, after tasting over 20 different ducks before discovering that the Alina was the duck that they needed.  They chose to use our duck on their opening menu “PARIS 1906-Escoffier at the Ritz”.  They have also used the Alina Duck on other menus since.