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Alina Duck Breast, 4 Lobes of Breasts

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2.00 LBS
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Alina Duck Breast, 4 Lobes of Breasts

Our Alina Duck's are ultra-rich with squab-like flavors and skin that crisps golden brown every time.


In this you would be receiving 4 lobes of breasts in one bag.  This would be 2 Alina Duck's Breasts in the bag.

It is an average of 2 lb bags.


Comes Frozen. 

May defrost in transit.


These are breasts are different compared to the Moullard Duck Breast.  They are less meatier, has less texture, and a lighter flavor but has a rich squab like taste.


Our Alina Duck is grown 2 1/2 weeks longer than commercially raised ducks.

Our birds are air-chilled to ensure you receive 100% duck, no water is added during chilling, and this creates a longer shelf life compared to water chilled ducks.  Federal Law allows water absorption of up to 10% of carcass weight, so if it's not air-chilled you could be buying up to 10% water.