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Air Chilled New York State Semi-Boned Poussin

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2.50 LBS
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 Air Chilled New York State




(All Natural)

(Head & Feet off)


SIZE – 12 – 18 OZ AVG / BIRD

Our Cornish Cross Poussin is raised on our farms in Sullivan County, New York. They are grown for 3 1/3 – 4 weeks in large arena style coops where there is plenty of room to exercise, and roam freely. These antibiotic / hormone free Poussin is known for their great flavor, leanness, and tenderness not found in commercially raised birds. Our air chilling procedures ensure that you receive 100% small young chicken, no added water during chilling. Federal law allows water absorption of up to 10% of carcass weight on poultry, so if it’s not air chilled you could be buying 10% water. Our birds have a skin that crisps golden brown every time.  Please call with any questions.